A trusted UK brand: with 500,000+ happy customers, you can expect quality products and exceptional service, from an original UK brand. We specialise in bamboo toothbrushes and are a UK best-seller! Stop buying plastic now and go bamboo! Check out our full range for all the family! *** for a limited time only, if you buy today, you will receive 2x free gifts! A 1-month-supply of organic bamboo cotton buds + a box of eco dental floss – all 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly!

Plastic-free packaging: each toothbrush is hygienically sealed the professional way. We say no to plastic and instead use a 100% biodegradable ‘eco-wrap’ – made from plant cellulose! Why would you buy a toothbrush that hasn’t been sealed? Yuk! Don’t forget all our packaging is plastic-free, environmentally friendly and made from 100% recycled paper pulp. Once you’ve finished with your wooden toothbrush, why not upcycle it in arts & crafts – it’s a nice piece of bamboo after all!

High-quality UK design: an easy change to make right? By purchasing our product you’ve picked a UK design with a charcoal bristle that promotes natural whitening without the need for chemicals. Our bamboo is organic, sustainable & is certified with fair wages paid. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial, smooth, splinter proof and our carbonised finish help repel water. We’re reducing the 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes produced annually! We donate 1% to our charity partner, plastic oceans in the UK.

Tried & tested, then approved! Before releasing “The bamboogaloo toothbrush” we tested extensively! A focus group of 78 testers used different bristle shapes & handle types. We designed a charcoal toothbrush from the results – a flat handle with curves in just the right place for precision grip, soft, yet effective dentist-grade nylon 6 bristles (BPA-free) infused with charcoal for natural whitening. You get the same clean feeling as a plastic toothbrush but without harming the environment!

Keep dancing guarantee: our famous customer service has been tested, and we always make sure you’re happy, just look at our 100% record for proof! If you’re not ‘bamboogaloo-ing’ – contact us right away and we will refund the full purchase price, no questions asked! You can also register a lifetime product guarantee – so what have you got to lose? Our best selling bamboo toothbrush range is #1 for a reason! You can be assured of quality from an original UK brand. * free gifts with every purchase!